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R6 06- Slipper Clutch
R6 2017- Slipper Clutch

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Slipper Clutch for the 2017 R6

Rather that a boring write up from me, read the test report from Moto America racer Anthony Mazziotto

Freddy Yoyodyne was nice enough to send us both the High Slip 33* ramp version and the Standard 37* ramp Yoyodyne replacement clutch kits.

To start both clutches are beautiful pieces and the finish is top shelf. We went with the 37* standard piece first since I’ve never ridden a bike with a “proper slipper” and set the stack height as per the instructions. Unfortunately all of our pre season testing dates were snowed out believe it or not and we went to Atlanta for the season opener cold, with 0 seat time and no setup whatsoever.

Last season we were running the stock clutch with the R6 clutch mod (cut spider springs) and keeping the back of the bike in line was a consistent problem we could not dial out no mater how much EB we tried to over come via the ECU. We had some success with the FTECU software in reducing the back torque but it never made the issue go away and our corner entry stability was always sacrificed as a result.

With the 37* YoYo (with RED Top Hat washers) and our most aggressive EB Map settings the bike was instantly perfect and smooth as silk. Almost too smooth as I didn’t realize it but I must have always relied on some EB to get me settled and now I had to compensate with more brake pressure. Nothing the Sbs-Brakes couldn’t handle but it was something I now had to adjust to, albeit much easier than chasing the tail of the bike down. We settled on our mild EB map setting for the weekend and I was very happy with the way the bike would enter a corner, especially after 4 back shifts coming down into 10a at Road Atlanta. I was also very happy with the feel of the clutch on the starts. It was very progressive and linear unlike the stock setup which was notchy if that makes any sense. But that’s not all cause after Road Atlanta we came home to do routine maintenance only to find the clutch pack looking brand new. With the modified stock clutch we would get 1 MA weekend out of the clutch and it would show bluing of the steels and a lot of friction wear. This time it was perfect and we left it in for the CCS weekend 2 weeks later. That weekend we were in 5 races and again it was perfect, both in launch feel and corner entry and that’s after at least 12-15 launches! Sadly we had an engine issue mid day Saturday at the CCS event but that gave us the opportunity to inspect the clutch again and it was still looking new. My dad was very surprised to see the lack of friction wear, how clean it all looked, and it measured out the same as when we installed it for the very first time. I guess the back torque action is so smooth it’s very easy on the clutch pack.

Move forward to a quick test day where we tried the high slip 33* unit. Let me say if your a fan of 2 strokes and the way they “float” when you close the throttle than you’ll ❤️ this set up. It’s literally like the chain broke and it’s freewheeling, it’s that insane. The only problem was I was at NJMP and I like a little EB there more than other tracks so it was too much for me at that particular track. We tried a few EB maps and even with a lot dialed in via the ECU it was too loose for the way I ride. I will say I’ll definitely be giving it a shot at the next event at Road America and for sure Barber and maybe even Laguna. I think it would be awesome on a Twin or Ducati and I wish I had this on my SV a few years ago cause it would have resulted in a lot easier lap time. Regardless I still think the 33* unit will be beneficial once we get dialed in more and maybe even my go to set up for VIR thinking back on it now.

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