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Custom Magnesium Castings

Using structured light 3D scanner can perform three-dimensional scans can acquire shapes of objects in a few seconds, thanks to a “cloud of points”. The precision and the high density of points allow detect any superficial detail. The development of three-dimensional scanning generates STL polygonal models. The next step is to create IGES files using a powerful and dedicated program of Reverse Engineering.

Hence with CAD / CAM process and the use of CNC machines is obtained by a pattern for sand casting gravity. Once developed the model it is possible to start the production of the castings: exact replicas of the original sample. If required after casting pre-processing, inspections, machining and finishing can go on.

This process allows us to solve quickly and at a low cost for special situations such as the implementation of new equipment and new components on the basis of a sample only (particularly interesting in the case of restoration of cars and motorcycles as often original spare parts are no longer available on the market), or even if the need is to “copy” old foundry equipment, damaged, of which you do not have 3D files.

You can replicate small and simple equipment such as for the clutch covers, but also tools and more complex components such as wheels, suspension uprights and gearboxes.

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