International Shipping

International Credit Card Orders

International Credit Card Orders

Due to the rise in international orders, we will try to explain the process for transactions outside the USA.

Canada – International orders should include the 3 digit security code in the on line order in the comment section.


Outside North America

Background Information –

To prevent fraud, USA and Canadian orders are validated with a system known as AVS, the Address Verification System. This computerized system checks the address given in checkout with the address registered to the credit card. When the two address match, we ship to the credit card owner.

This automated AVS fraud prevention system is not available outside the USA and Canada

For international orders, we must call the card-issuing bank in the foreign country, and ask them to verify the address of the cardholder. Time differences, language differences and banking laws make this difficult. Please expect this to add at least several days to the transaction. For some transactions, we can have the credit card processor call the card-issuing bank to check for fraud. This may include phone calls and/or faxes to the foreign bank, and most banks are VERY slow to respond. (If they respond at all)

Problems may arise with international orders when there are Privacy Laws in the card issuing bank’s country. In some counties, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark etc, the banks are NOT allowed to verify the address of the customer with the merchant.

Due to these laws, extra measures are required to protect us from Credit Card fraud.

Advanced wire transfers – call or email us for the banking information required to transfer funds directly to us.

Provide a copy of your credit cad statement to us. It must show your credit card # and shipping address. (See below). A copy of the credit card is NOT sufficient. A copy of the credit card shows that you have it in your possession, but not that you are the rightful owner.

Once a customer is verified, subsequent transactions go much faster.

NOTE – Due to the extra work, we require a minimum order of $150 (before shipping) for initial International orders.

The Internet order system records credit card data, but does not charge the credit card. The Credit card will only be charged if and when we can verify the customer’s identity.