Kawasaki 320mm HP Oversize Brake Disc kit

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The essence of Brembo technology

Brembo High Performance discs are designed and tested to work best in conjunction with specific pads and combine consistent performance in extreme usage with superlative lightness.
In addition to substantially increasing brake power, the materials and unique manufacturing processes used also ensure absolute consistency and extreme resistance to prolonged thermo-mechanical stress. Brembo High Performance discs deliver uncompromised performance in all conditions, eye-catching racing looks and a significant reduction in weight compared with the original component. The SuperSport and T-Drive lines consist of floating discs with steel rotors and hats machined from billet aluminium available in the same dimensions as the original equipment or larger sizes.


Developed with the precise goal of offering all owners of the most popular European and Japanese hypersports models maximum performance both on the road and on the track. The discs of the Supersport range are available with a larger than standard thickness of 5.5 mm. These are fully floating discs consisting of a rotor in tempered martensitic steel (capable of resisting extreme thermo-mechanical stress) and a hat machined from billet aluminium alloy. The two parts are joined together by 10 fastener studs in true racing style. The distinctive characteristic of a floating disc is that the rotor is not fixed to the aluminium hat - in other words, it is free to move on the studs. This configuration significantly reduces disc stress, reducing disc wear and improving heat dissipation, while also allowing the rotor the freedom to deform.
Supersport discs are available with a rotor measuring 34 mm in width and 5.5 mm in thickness, and are fully interchangeable with the original components without any modifications.

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